Thursday, May 6, 2010

'Things I Love' - I Heart Pandas!

I heart pandas! My love for panda bears goes beyond just loving those cute, cuddly faces. There is a sentimental significance behind my love for this adorable black and white bear and why I now collect all things panda related!

Not long after my husband and I were engaged, I read somewhere that pandas often have one mate for life so I told him that "we may not be panda's but we're for life" and ever since that we have affectionately given each other the nickname "Panda Bear" - he is Mr. Panda and I of course, am Mrs. Panda. :) Cheezy? maybe. but I don't care...I love it! In fact, if he calls me by anything other than "Panda Bear" or "Bear" it feels weird...same goes for him, it feels awkward to say Jared when I'm talking to him instead of calling him "Bear". We're dorks like that! I now also affectionately call my parents Mama Bear and Papa Bear because of the panda inspiration.

So there you go...that's why I LOVE PANDAS! (one in particular!) ;)

Here are a few cute panda images that I love and wanted to pass along to you! Hope you enjoy!

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