Thursday, May 20, 2010

'Things I Love Thursdays': Poppies

I love all flowers and have many favourites but if I had to narrow it down to one, I would say that Poppies are my favourite flower. I love everything about them. I love their name, the fact that they come in nearly every color imaginable, the way they tend to grow in fields as far as the eye can see and I also love their symbolism.

Of all the colors poppies come in, I have to say I favor the red ones. Something about vibrant red poppies just makes me happy! I think my love for poppies began after a trip to Portugal. My family and I went to a restaurant there called "Poppies At The Park" and from the window at our dinner table we could look out and see a field of endless red poppies. I can still remember that view vividly in my head and how breathtaking it was.

Since falling in love with this flower, I have found countless art pieces, decor, jewelry, handbags, etc. that are poppy inspired and hope to one day have a room decorated with the poppy theme in mind. I already have a few things but always have my eye out for unique poppy inspired items.

In Greco-Roman history the symbolism of the bright scarlet colour signifies the promise of resurrection after death. Being a woman of faith, this symbolism is just one more reason why I love poppies. It is also the featured flower for Puerto Rican weddings and with my family heritage being of Puerto Rican decent, it gives me a cultural connection to the flower as well.

So needless to say...I LOVE POPPIES! :) I hope after sharing this, you have a greater appreciation for this beautiful flower too!

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