Tuesday, June 1, 2010

'Q&A's Tuesdays': Things I Dislike

For those who follow my blog you know that Thursdays are "Things I Love Thursdays" where I share with readers a few things I really love and you also know that Tuesdays are Q&A's where you can ask me anything you want and this week,  someone wanted to know what I DO NOT love. So today I will list a few of my pet peeves or things I really just don't like. And first on my list is that I don't like to be negative so I'll try and keep this short. :)
  • I don't like rude people. It's never necessary to be rude. Ever.
  • I don't like squid. The rubbery texture just doesn't do it for me.
  • I can't handle bad smells. Potent smells are my form of kryptonite. Unfortunately I have a heightened sense of smell. It's a curse.
  • I despise arrogance. I can admire confidence but when it turns into cockiness...that's when you lose my respect.
  • Abortion hurts my heart. Abortion reflects that we as a society have not met the needs of women and I believe women deserve better than abortion. I also believe in the potential and the protection of every human life. In fact, I dislike it so much that I started a non-profit organization called Life Inspired Love as an attempt to help end abortion by educating others about it and by helping people make life-affirming choices.
  • I don't like being away from my husband overnight. I don't like being apart from him at all but I literally have trouble sleeping unless he's right there next to me.
  • I hate shorts! I hate the way they look on me and they are just so uncomfortable to wear! Give me a skirt over shorts any day!!
  • I dislike driving long distances. I start feeling claustrophobic and agitated after about 2 hours in the car.
  • I don't like waiting. But who does, right? Waiting for answers is one of the most difficult parts of life.
  • I can't stand "Drama Feeders". You know...those people who seem to live off of drama. Not a big fan.
So there you have it...a few things that I could personally live without! If you have a question you want answered. Comment below or shoot me an email! I'll do my best to get your questions answered.

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