Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Love: Sushi!

I could eat sushi for every meal and be happy as they come. I crave it on a daily basis. I love not only the taste but the cute and creative creations that can be made with sushi. I have seen dragons, panda bears, hello name it...sushi can be made into tasty art.

I have had sushi from different places all over the United States and I was surprised to discover that the best sushi I've ever enjoyed was in Terre Haute, Indiana at Tokyo Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar. Not only do they have great atmosphere and wonderful staff but their sushi is off the charts good! I recommend the Terre Haute Roll and the Neptune Roll if you ever get a chance to go there and taste their yummy sushi for yourself! It was definitely a memorable experience!

Here are a few others who crave sushi too.

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