Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Apartment Hunting

Well....we're still waiting on our visas. As soon as we have those I can rest easier. I'm trying not to let myself worry about it. Jared is good at putting my mind at ease. He says things like "Has God let us down before? NO." And my worry disappears....for a short time anyway until my human nature kicks in again and allows fear and doubt to creep in. But I'm thankful for my husband who can always brings me back to center when I start to let my worried mind get out of control. I know everything will work out exactly how it is supposed to and I will look back and laugh at myself for worrying in the first place.

I do have to say that despite my anxiousness about all this...I am having fun apartment shopping in the meantime. There are some really cute places over there! Smaller than what we are used to of course but they certainly have charm. Looking at apartments definitely keeps me occupied when the anxious feelings arise.

I wish they made a show called "Apartment Hunters International" modeled after the show House Hunters! I would TOTALLY sign up to be on that show! I'm addicted! :) If you haven't checked out that show on HGTV...I highly recommend that you do! I love trying to predict which home they will choose and of course I also enjoy seeing the different homes and locations. I'm sure Jared is sick of that show by now, but I love it!

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