Friday, September 17, 2010

Feature: Adventures With Purpose: Switzerland

 While shopping at our local Sam's Club, I stumbled across a travel documentary that featured several different countries but the reason I purchased it was because it included Switzerland! With Jared and I moving there in just a few weeks I couldn't pass it up! It's called Richard Bang's Adventures With Purpose.

 I watched the special on Switzerland and could not get over the spectacular views and breathtaking landscape! I am so excited to enjoy the beauty of this country! They did not highlight the town where we will be living, but we will definitely be checking out the places they did mention. The town of Zermatt, is not only home to the well-known Matterhorn (one of the highest peaks in the Alps) but it is car-free, meaning there are absolutely no cars permitted, only pedestrians. It looked like a charming little town and encompasses the concept of "eco-friendly". I'm looking forward to visiting this quiet little town. There will be so much to see and do there. I simply cannot wait to share this adventure with my best friend!

If you are interested in checking out this documentary for yourself, it also features New Zealand, Egypt and Norway. I have not watched any of those yet but I have a huge interest in both New Zealand and Egypt. I have always had a fascination with Egyptian culture and history and both of these countries are on my list to visit in my lifetime!

Getting a glimpse of Switzerland from this DVD has definitely got me more excited. I'm already considering what kind of new camera gear I will need to invest in because I know I will be taking TONS of pictures! :)

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