Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Switzerland Here We Come!

Our visas have finally been approved! We got the news on Monday and with Jared's work start date being October 1st we have been non-stop trying to scramble to get everything in place for the big move. We were unable to get a lot taken care of without our visas so it feels like we're doing a lot of things last minute. We have secured our departure date. Our plane leaves September 28th. Yes....that's less than two weeks away! We have been waiting for our visas for so long and now have such a short window of time before we need to be there, that it feels like everything is happening so fast! Just a few days ago we had pretty much surrendered and expected not to leave until next month because our visas had not yet arrived. Funny how a few days can change everything.

We have to secure an apartment still. We have a few leads but are still working on signing a lease. I think that will be taken care of very soon though. We ship are car first thing next week. We decided to ship our little Toyota Yaris because it's cheaper to do that than it would be to buy or lease a car over there and we'll love having the car for trips. We plan on seeing as much as possible during our stay and there are so many countries with in driving distance.

We also need to pack. Trouble is, we are not packing for a vacation, we are MOVING to a foreign country so I want to make sure we take everything we need so that our time there is as enjoyable as possible. We are not sure when we will be able to re-visit the states in the next 2 years so I want to take with us everything we will need.

Jared has even more work-related things he has to do as well and we are also trying to fit in as many visits with family as possible in the short time we have left here. It's exciting but a little stressful. God has taken care of us up to this point so I know He'll see us through it all! I just need to trust and relax.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us and showing us all kinds of love and support! I can't tell you enough how much we appreciate it! We love you all and we'll continue to keep you posted!

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