Monday, October 11, 2010

Review Tuesday: Favourite YouTube Videos

While Jared is at work I have to find ways to entertain myself during the week. One of my favourite things to do to pass time is to watch YouTube videos. Here are a few of my favourite videos to watch on Youtube in no particular order.

1. A Short Love Story in Stop Motion

2. Confessions of a Hipster

 3. Crazy Carrie-Oke

4. Never Say No To Panda

5. Singing While In Labor

6. ASL Your Hands

7. 7-year-old sings Amazing Grace

8. Charlie Bit My Finger

9. Miracle of Life

10. Cute Otters Holding Hands

11. My Name Is John Daker

12. Bad Case Of Diarrhea

13. Groovy Dancing Chick

14. Antoine Dodson

15.Super Chameleon

16. Grover Interrogation

17. Greatest Wedding Entrance

18. Bible In A Minute

19. Simon's Cat

20. Amazing Sand Art

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