Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Review: Mañana Mexican Restaurant - Lausanne, Switzerland

For our 3 year wedding anniversary, Jared and I went to Mañana Mexican Restaurant in Lausanne, Switzerland. The restaurant itself was cozy and decorated with a little Latin flair. We were told they had live music downstairs in the Cactus Club which is an attached bar/dance club but I think perhaps we were there too early to experience it or they just didn't have live music the night we went. Not sure which. They did have Latin music playing during dinner though, it just wasn't live.

The food was very good. However, like everything else in Switzerland it was a bit pricey and the portions were much smaller than what you expect at a Mexican restaurant in the United States. I enjoyed a piña colada with dinner and it was phenomenal. Again, a bit pricey compared to what we as Americans are used to but I think it was worth the splurge. Another plus about it was our waiter spoke English. Very helpful for those of us who don't speak French. Makes the experience less frustrating and stressful.

I would rate it as a definite do again. If you are ever in the area I would definitely give it a try! The food, the atmosphere, the drinks, the service...all get a thumbs up from me. Here are a few photos from our dinner experience. (sorry there are no images of our actual dinner...we were too hungry to think about pictures obviously! haha)

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