Thursday, December 23, 2010

Things I Love: Sweater Dresses

I am in LOVE with sweater dresses this season! They are a great way to dress comfortable but still have style. I recently found several cute sweater dresses and have enjoyed accessorizing them to change the look. Belts, scarves, shoes and tall socks/leg warmers can really add style to any sweater dress!

Here I have paired some cute black wedge boots, black tights, leg warmers with a snowflake pattern and a simple necklace to really pull this look together. Because this gray sweater dress is somewhat simple, you can really play with different accessories to completely change the look. I love the neckline and fit of this dress too. The sweater dress is from H&M. My wedge boots are by Roberto Santi. The leg warmers are from a local shop here in Switzerland called Yendi and the black tights you can find just about anywhere. Opaque leggings with flats work great too or if you want to dress it up, wear some cute heels!

Here are a few other fashionable sweater dresses. There are so many styles and ways to wear them! I'm absolutely obsessed with them because I can be comfortable and still feel cute! :)

1. Banana Republic
2. H&M
3. Juicy Couture
5. Victoria's Secret
6. Vivat Veritas
7. Victoria's Secret
8. Old Navy
9. Kimberite

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