Friday, January 7, 2011

Feature: Epic Alliance International

I'm thrilled that I have been able to put much more focus on things that matter a lot to me since moving here to Switzerland. I have always had multiple jobs so this "down time" has given me the opportunity to pursue many of my life passions, one of which is reaching out to today's young people. As many of you know,  I helped start and am currently the coordinator of the international effort, Epic Alliance, sponsored by the Terre Haute Crisis Pregnancy Center with the goal, purpose and passion being to empower people with knowledge and inspire change in how we treat ourselves and each other. This past summer I developed a website for our group which you can check out at: and have had the opportunity to share my personal story and words of encouragement to young people at a few different high schools this past year. Because of the wonderful world of technology I am able to continue my passion from overseas and reach a global audience in several different ways, one of those ways is by making short videos with positive messages on various subjects that effect young people today. My goal is to produce at least one video weekly in hopes that the core message is received and that message is:
"You are EPIC and deserve EPIC love!"

If you would please support this effort  by subscribing to our YouTube channel: and/or by "liking" us on Facebook: You can also follow our Blog for updates at:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing with me in this effort to share the truth in love.

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