Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Love: CRUISES!

Jared and I met on a cruise back in 2003. It was my first cruise and I have been on two since then - all of which have been amazing! Each adventure was on a different cruise ship. The first was named the Enchantment of the Seas and I LOVE that this is the name of the cruise ship where I met my husband! :)

 Enchantment of the Seas

The second ship was named Liberty of the Seas and was even more extravagant - it had an ice skating rink, a climbing wall, multiple name it, it had it!

 Liberty of the Seas

The third ship was the Emerald Princess and what made this ship unique to the others I had been on was it had a huge outdoor movie screen where you could watch movies under the stars just like in the old days of drive-ins...only we watched them under the stars in the middle of the ocean! :)

 Emerald Princess

I have never been disappointed by any of the cruises I've been on. So needless to say I am more than excited for our upcoming 11 day Mediterranean cruise to celebrate our 11/11/11 anniversary this November. This will be the first Mediterranean cruise for both of us and I think this is the first cruise where I am more excited about the destinations than I am about the cruise itself. We will enjoy Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Israel! All of which will be firsts for us (except Italy). The cruise ship name is Costa Pacifica and according to the website has a music theme. The entire ship is decorated with music inspiration, it has a small recording studio for any aspiring musicians (I wish my brother were coming!!), there of course, will be musical/theater performance each night and if this ship is anything like the others it will be all around memorable!

 Costa Pacifica

Cruises, in my opinion, are the best way to travel! You get to see so many places and you don't have to stress or worry about carrying around your luggage from place to place or hotel to are floating hotels and transportation! You also don't have to worry about food...all meals are included and these meals are GOURMET! The food is one of the best parts! :) And you can eat 24/7 if you want...I don't advise it, but you can! ;) Cruises are like an all inclusive resort...there is endless entertainment on the ship... swimming... sunbathing... theater shows... dancing... shopping... you name it... they have it! Our particular package includes land tours as well. You just can't beat all that you get for the price and convenience!  What I'm trying to say is that if you haven't gone on a totally should! :)

I'll be anxiously counting down until our November cruise. Literally...I have a facebook countdown! ;) I'll also be sharing lots of photos and stories once our cruise finally transpires! Have I mentioned I'm excited?

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