Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Our lives might not always be the most exciting, but I love our life! I'm perfectly content being a "house cat". I find ways to keep myself busy indoors. Aside from everyday household tasks like laundry, cleaning, cooking etc. I am also actively involved in a teen outreach program that allows me the opportunity to work/volunteer from home. In addition to that, I am involved in various pro-life efforts that thanks to technology allows me to stay connected. I also love to read. I have gone through several books in our short time here and have several more on my bookshelf that I'm anxious to dive in to. In the evenings Jared and I enjoy relaxing in front of the tv, playing with our cats and if he gets home from work at a decent hour we enjoy walking the streets of our quiet little town here in Lutry, Switzerland. I'm looking forward to the longer, warmer days of spring and summer so we can enjoy more photo adventures together. We're pretty simple people who enjoy the simple things in life.

Over the weekend we went to our friends Julia and Morgan's place and enjoyed authentic Swiss cheese fondue, wine and great conversations. Julia and I often get together once during the week for some "girl time" and just hang out. We are so grateful for their friendship. In a foreign country, far from our friends and families back home, it's nice to have fun and sweet people to enjoy these experiences with.

We also enjoyed Skyping with my parents a couple times this week. It's always nice to SEE their faces and catch up. It helps with the homesickness. I feel less far away after one of our video chats. I love and miss my family dearly but I'm so thankful for the technology that can bring us together like that. I can't wait for their visit in May!

Based on many of the messages I receive I think people assume that because we are in this exciting and beautiful place that we should be doing all of these exotic or extravagant things everyday. Reality is yes, we live in an exciting and beautiful place but the keyword is we LIVE here...we are not vacationing here. We are doing our best to take full advantage of our experience here but time and money have the same limits they have on anyone regardless of location. We are grateful for each and every day and even on our most uneventful of days we are enjoying life to the fullest.

Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy!

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