Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Love: Vintage Lace

There is something feminine, delicate and beautiful about lace. Especially vintage lace. It just reminds me of an era that is close to my heart. My Nana had lots of lace accents around her house on old furniture and such. She also had a few lace pieces in her wardrobe that I loved to play dress up in. I guess I've always been drawn to lace ever since I was a little girl.

I have seen a lot of vintage lace inspired items lately. Here are just a few examples....

click for larger view

1. Lace headband  - (super cute!)
2. Lace ornaments -
3. Lace clutch purse -  Maddalena Marconi
4. Lace necklace - (super want!)
5. Lace modern top -
6. Lace shoes -
7. Lace umbrella - (so fun!)
8. Lace dress - google images
9. Lace bow and key - urbanheirlooms
10. Lace belt -
11. Lace pillow - (love this!)
12. Lace bracelet - plumedematante

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