Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Excitement Ensues

The weekend can't get here soon enough! My parent's are scheduled to arrive early Sunday morning in Zurich which means by the end of the week I will get to hug them!!! :) I'm taking the train 2 hours to Zurich and meeting them at the airport on Sunday. My Dad is working with a few clients there on Mon. and Tues. so my Mom and I will be get in some much needed mother-daughter time! Then the three of us will head back to our apartment in Lutry and let the fun begin! :) We have a few exciting things planned to do and see while they are here. I'm just thrilled about having them close, I don't really care what we do! I'm sure Dad and Jared will be enjoying many hours of Halo together! ;) I'll try to keep up my blogging while they are here but I plan on making the most of my time with them and blogging is not a high priority. I will try to do at least one post during the week for sure though, maybe more if time allows.

I had planned on launching my new photography website this week which would make prints and products available for purchase but with my parents being here for two weeks and then shortly following that my brother and sister-in-law will be here, so I thought it would be best to wait since I really wouldn't be able to keep up with orders while they're here. We plan on doing quite a bit of sightseeing and just visiting with one another. In other words, I'm declaring vacation for the next couple of weeks. So in order to avoid shipping delays and the risk of getting behind, I will be launching my new website on Wednesday, June 8. I'll send out an official update when that happens. Thank you all for your support and patience! I'm excited and happy to share my work with you!

These last few days have been going by rather slow. But I hope the days really slow down when my family gets here! I love and miss them so much!! This will be a memorable and much needed next few weeks!

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