Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Siblings In Switzerland

It's been nearly 9 months since Jared and I moved to Switzerland. Overall it's been pretty amazing. We've definitely had some huge challenges, but we've also had some pretty stellar experiences and we've learned so much about ourselves, about each other and have grown in so many ways. This has definitely been a life changing experience so far.

In the past month we had both my parents and my brother and sister-in-law stay with us. I can't put into words how thankful I am that they were able to make it over here so that we could enjoy some time with them. Family is most important to me and being this far from them has been the toughest part of this whole adventure by far!

We just learned some exciting news today though. My Dad is working with some of his clients in Italy right now and brought my Mom along with him. I got a call from them yesterday and we all agreed that it would be a tragedy for them to be this close to us and we not see each other. So...we've booked a train to Rome and we're going to spend the weekend there with them!! I am beyond excited! Jared has never been to Italy so I'm extra excited for him. And of course, more time with family is ALWAYS a good thing!!

As promised here are just a few photos of our time with Jon and Jess. We got to spend 3 days with them here in Switzerland before they headed off to Italy themselves. One of those 3 days was a holiday and here in Switzerland that means EVERYTHING shuts down. So there wasn't much we could do on that day but we showed them around our town, gave them a tour of where Jared works and enjoyed lots of laughs back at our apartment. I had missed just having them around and joking around. It was awesome just sitting out on our balcony living it up with them!

 The Gang at our apartment in Switzerland

The final day they were here we took them on a ferry boat ride from our little town of Lutry to Chateau de Chillon which is about an hour boat trip. VERY scenic and relaxing. Jared and I are already talking about doing it again sometime while we're still here. It was lovely.

 view of the Alps from the boat

 view of Lutry from the boat

We also took a tour of Chillon Castle - that was cool and somewhat creepy. The dungeon was cold and they had some sort of projector casting creepy shadows on the wall. It also had several old nooses that were used to hang the prisoners. We went to the very top level of the castle and I think we all got a little freaked out by the height and narrow stairs that seemed to be made of very old and un-sturdy wood. It had a lot of character and history though and it has some beautiful views!

 view of Chillion from the castle

One part of the castle we all could appreciate was the his and her toilets that were basically two wooden holes side by side. We got some pretty silly pictures of us enjoying le toilettes! :)

Looking longingly at Jared as he "uses" the his and her toilet in the castle :)

one of the rooms inside the castle

castle courtyard from the top

view of the ferry and the other side of Chillion from the top of the castle

It was hard to watch their train pull away from the station on their last day with us. But I'm remaining optimistic because we WILL see them next year! Not sure when, but we return to America in the fall of next year so whether or not they come here before our return it feels good to know we will see them next year regardless! It's a mindset I must have in order to not get too homesick. I keep looking ahead past the challenges that come with distance.

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