Friday, October 21, 2011

Adventures In Ireland - Part II

Picking up where I left off in our Adventures in Ireland Part I...we drove through the countryside to Avoca Mill Handweavers. A little place that my family and I had been to in my previous visit to Ireland and I wanted to go back for two reason: 1. in hopes to replace a sweater I had gotten there several years ago and 2. to have the BEST roasted red pepper tomato soup ever! I was able to enjoy the soup but they didn't have the sweater I was looking for. It was fun to look around their shop though. We took a tour of the mill and watched the handweavers at work and got an upclose look at the whole process.

Avoca Mill & Cafe

sitting area at Avoca Mill & Cafe

best roasted red pepper soup EVER!

yummy salmon and goat cheese bagel

After our lunch there we headed back to Dublin to stay the remaining days of our a CASTLE! :) We stayed two nights at the Clontarf Castle and the first night we arrived there was a fancy party going on (my guess was a wedding reception) So Jared and I looked out over the balcony and watched all of the ladies in their formal dresses and guys in their tuxes. We also enjoyed dinner at the castle which was delicious. The interior and exterior of the castle was so beautiful. Very memorable.

Clontarf Castle

castle sitting room

Clontarf Castle

Our final day in Ireland we went to the Guinness Brewery where we enjoyed a complimentary pint of Guinness and a panoramic view of Dublin City. Then we drove to Howth Harbor to take some pictures.

Howth lighthouse

Howth Harbor

We ended the night with the Brooke Fraser concert which I already blogged about in a previous post. But in case you didn't read it....the show was awesome! Great end to a great week! All of the photos I shared from our trip were taken with my iPhone camera so I hope you enjoyed traveling around in my pocket with me! :)

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