Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Inspiration

As I sit here on this Christmas morning, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Not simply for the husband I am blessed to wake up to, make homemade biscuits & gravy with, open gifts beside or for the sweet cats cuddled by our feet, the family we get to see and talk to despite being miles apart thanks to technology or countless other blessings. Yes, I am thankful for all these things and all of these people, but as I stop to think about what this day is really all about...why we are so joyful on this day and why we celebrate, I am reminded of our Saviour's sacrifice...of His infallible gift. He sent His only Son into this world...a world He knew would reject Him and one day kill that we might be saved from death ourselves and live eternally with Him.   We honor Christmas as the day hope first entered into the world because with the birth of Jesus came the birth of hope. God's Son became our bridge to Him.

As I hear stories from family and friends about the joy they get from their little ones squealing with excitement about their Christmas gifts I can't help but wonder if God feels that same joy when we, His children, open our gift from Him...when we accept Jesus as our Saviour, receive His grace and live in gratitude towards Him. I believe there is no greater joy than when each of us opens our gift of salvation. Our Heavenly Father literally put His heart and soul in this gift for us and it is the only gift that is timeless, has not only a lifetime...but an ETERNAL guarantee and is renewed each morning. Christmas is not simply once a is every day, every moment, every breath. Today simply marks the day hope began. Embrace the love, hope and grace God has gifted you because whether you realize it or not...Christmas was inspired by YOU.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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