Friday, January 6, 2012

Anniversary Cruise - Part IV

The next place we visited while on our 12-day cruise was Santorini, Greece. Santorini was the main reason we booked this particular cruise because it was one of the few that stopped there. I had been drooling over photos that I had seen of this Greek Isle for years and dreaming about seeing it for myself. It definitely did not disappoint. WOW! It is one of the most beautiful and charming places I have ever been.

Once reaching the island we had the choice of either taking the gondola up to the village of Fira or we could take a donkey. We decided to take the gondola because they were the same price and I've never had luck with riding four-legged animals. The gondola ride up the steep cliffside was actually pretty frightening. I have never been a huge fan of heights though. Once we reached the top it was totally worth it. What a view! 

view from Fira, Greece

looking down from the gondola to Fira, Greece

We headed into the village and started looking for a place to rent a scooter. All of the tourist websites I looked through beforehand recommended taking a scooter to the nearby village of Oia. So that's exactly what we did. We felt a little like Harry and Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber riding our tiny scooter but it was so much fun! :) The views on the way to Oia were amazing! We just pulled over the scooter and took some quick snapshots all along the way. It was about a 30 minute ride from Fira to Oia.

standing in front of our scooter in Fira, Greece

one of the many stops we took on the ride over to Oia to take capture the beauty

Everywhere we looked was whitewashed buildings, blue domes and cobblestone streets. It was like walking through a dream. So beautiful. We took lots of pictures of the buildings all stacked on top of one another along the cliffs, did some souvenir shopping and wandering then stopped to have some lunch. The restaurant had an amazing view and I enjoyed THE BEST Greek Salad I have ever had in my entire life. So good!

Jared and I in Oia, Greece

Oia, Greece

LOVED all the blue doors in Oia, Greece

Jared in Oia, Greece

One of the many blue domes in Oia, Greece

Where those people are seated is where we had lunch in Oia, Greece

The view from the restaurant where we had lunch

another view from the restaurant

Oia, Greece

Oia, Greece was full of blue doors, windows and gates...LOVED IT!

more views of Oia, Greece

We scootered (yes, I just created my own word) back to Fira to return the scooter and head back to the ship before sailing away into the sunset. We both agreed that Santorini is a place we would love to come back to and stay a couple days. I hear the sunsets viewed from the island are spectacular! Maybe we'll go back one day. I'm so happy we were able to see as much as we did. We had a fabulous time!

Taking the donkey path back down to the cruise ship

sunset over Santorini, Greece from our balcony on the cruise

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