Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Plans, Addictions and Life

I decided to blog a little differently today. I just wanted to share a few quick updates and recent thoughts...

  • My parents are coming to visit with us in exactly one month. I cannot wait to hug them! It's going to be just the morale booster we need to finish this last stretch in Switzerland.
  • If all goes as planned, we only have 5 more months left before we can come HOME!
  • So many friends of mine are expecting or have recently had a baby. Makes me even more anxious about getting home because I want so badly to photograph these tiny blessings!
  • Speaking of my photography...I have big plans for when we return. Can't wait to share more about that in the near future! :)
  • Tot has been sick since December :( Still working to figure out what the underlying problem is. He seems to be doing better...but each time we take him off antibiotics he relapses. Hoping this time is different. If not, we'll have to do more tests. Keep praying for him please.
  • Jared is under a lot of pressure at work. Pray that God continues to reveal to him His wisdom and peace.
  • Enjoyed some Skype time with my brother and nephews over the weekend and it instantly lifted my spirits. Had to choke back a couple tears though when Isaac said "I wish I could see you in person and not over a computer." Obviously our hearts are in the same place. I wish for nothing more than that too. He might take that statement back after I hug him and don't let go once we are together again! ;)
  • I've been working on totally revamping the teen outreach website. Excited about the direction things are going. I'll be sure to share more when everything is up and running.
  • Pinterest is like an after school special. I'm totally addicted.
  • Some days, life in Switzerland feels like the movie Groundhog's Day.
  • I've never been more organized, motivated and productive as I have these last few months. I finally feel like I'm on the right track.
And that's pretty much what's going on with us lately.

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