Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Plans, Purpose and Pouting

The waters are raging over here in Switzerland. I shared in my last blog post how we needed  some things to fall together before we leave next week to return home. One of which was getting an approval from our apartment leasing agency for this American couple so that we could transfer our remaining lease over to them. Well, they were denied yesterday. The absurdity is that they have literally an IDENTICAL application/history as us. Married couple, same employer as Jared, same work contract, same salary, they even have two cats...everything about us is exactly the same except our last names practically. But they were denied anyway and the Swiss aren't giving us any reason as to why. So our plan of being able to move back home permanently in May has been wrecked. On top of that, Jared has had multiple set backs at work that hinder us from returning and staying as well. As you can imagine with these unexpected blockades, along with everything that we have endured these last two years living in Switzerland...the level of frustration we are experiencing is off the charts. But we have to trust that God has a better plan than ours.

So our course has been re-charted and we still don't have a clear destination but what we do know is that we are coming back to America temporarily through the majority of May to try and get Tot healthy as well as visit with family and friends but we will ultimately have to return to Switzerland possibly through October.

When I first learned that our plans had fallen apart and we would have to come back to Switzerland for awhile I was so angry. I was like a child in the supermarket whose parent tells them they cannot have their way and they just stop in the middle of the aisle, cross their arms, plant their feet and stubbornly says "but I want it MY way". However, I quickly learned that I could either go kicking and screaming or I could let go and obey my Heavenly Father who is clearly saying "YOUR way is not MY way and my way is perfect". He has already proven that His way is always better. Even though this may not be what I a way, it still is. You see, I want what God wants and there must be a reason why He wants us to stay in Switzerland a little longer. I'm not certain yet what that reason is...but I am certain that one day I will look back and it will all make sense.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't dragging my feet a little bit though. Just as the child who has surrendered to the parent's authority in the grocery's as though I am reluctantly following instruction but with my bottom lip pouting. The thought of having to come back to Switzerland, even for a few weeks, is not a pleasant thought for either of us. But this trip to America will be like a break in the storm. It will give us a chance to renew our strength and sanity so that we can come back and finish this once and for all.  The good news is the Swiss can't keep us here forever! Before the year is over we WILL be back home in America for good.

Looking forward to seeing everyone and tasting freedom again.

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