Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Bear!

Today is my husband's 30th birthday. I was reminiscing with him today about some of the wonderful memories we have shared in the time I've had the honor of knowing him. One memory that still seems so fresh in my mind happened exactly 9 years ago. I had met him for the first time on a cruise just about a week earlier. We had so much fun laughing all night, exchanged numbers and then went back to our respective states (at the time I was living in Indiana and he was living in Kentucky). But during that night of talking and getting to know one another he told me that his birthday was July 30th. So when his birthday rolled around a few days later I decided it was a perfect excuse to call him and wish him a happy birthday. It took me a total of seven tries to finally dial his full number. I would get a few numbers dialed and then hang up before I finished dialing because I had butterflies in my stomach. I remember his dad answering and then handing the phone over to him. I remember the surprise in his voice to find out it was "the girl from the cruise". ;) We ended up talking for 3 hours that night. That was really the beginning of "us". Fast forward to today....

Nine years later and here we are...married for almost five years. Five wonderful, love-filled years I might add! He still makes me laugh, I still get butterflies about him and I still can't believe I'm lucky enough to have him in my life! Each year, each day, and each moment with him is a blessing.

Happy Birthday, Bear! I love you endlessly!

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