Friday, October 5, 2012

Georgia On My Mind

Jared has been home with me in the United States for just under a month now. In just a month's time we have celebrated his return in downtown Indy, enjoyed special moments with family and friends, moved to Atlanta, Georgia and as of today, we are officially debt free! Our God is a God who provides!!!

Living in Europe...more in one of the most expensive countries in Europe, far from our loved ones and distant from our comfort zone, really stretched us in so many ways. The daily challenges we faced in the last two years were very overwhelming most days. But through it all we leaned on our faith that God will always take care of us. And He has NEVER failed us.

Sunday night we found our new church home at Passion City Church here in Atlanta and one of the worship songs that night called 'Always' by Kristian Stanfill shares these lyrics:

My help is on the way
Oh my God
He will not delay
My refuge and strength 
I will not fear
His promise is true
My God will come through 
I lift my eyes up
My help comes from the Lord

This song resonated with me because we faced some major storms and battles these last few years and I know we will face more in our future but God's promises are true ALWAYS. And the truth that "He will not delay"...even when in the midst of struggle and waiting when we are thinking "anytime now God!" ...He is not delaying His timing...He is ALWAYS right on time. Looking back I can see His perfect timing in it all. And because I have seen how He has taken care of us in every single detail up to this point, I can return to these words and trust in them when fear and trials come up again. 

We are so grateful to be where we are right now. We are loving our new city so far! We are within 5-10 minutes to all the major grocery/shopping stores, restaurants and everything we could possibly need. (no more hiking up and down mountains and catching trains to get anywhere! YAY!) We're in a quiet, safe area just outside of the city and are looking forward to doing some more exploring once we are fully settled in. 

It was like Christmas for us going through all of our things that have been in storage for over 2 years! It was heaven sleeping in our OWN bed for the first time in years! The cats seemed to feel right at home immediately too. They're already walking around like they own the place! ;)

More praise to share....Jared and I have been here in Atlanta for one week exactly. On Monday I applied at a local portrait studio, got a call back within the hour and had an interview the very next day. I had my second interview today and left feeling really good about it. I just got a call a few moments ago and was offered the job as the Senior Photographer! This is such a blessing! Moving to a new place as a photographer, it takes time to build up clients and because we will only be here for a few short months, it didn't make sense to invest what would be necessary to gain clients only to pick up and move again in a couple months and have to rebuild all over. With this job, I will still be able to do what I love and when we settle permanently in a few months from now, I will have this experience under my belt. I'm really stoked! :)

Just wanted to share a quick update for those who have been praying for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every prayer! We are so incredibly blessed and want to take every opportunity to shout how great our God is! 

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