Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday and most may know about this monumental day but for those who may not, it is the day that Christ died for the sins of the world so that we might have eternal life. Now, I realize that not everyone reading this shares my faith and I am not one to push my beliefs on people. People think that by openly speaking about my faith that I am forcing my beliefs on others, that simply isn't true. Just as you may be passionate about a sports, or music or your spouse, I am passionate about my God. When you love something or you've discovered something wonderful, you naturally want to share it with the world! That's all I am doing. I am not saying this is what you have to believe, I am just saying this is what I myself believe.

I have had my share of judgment passed on me simply because of my faith. Those who claim to be "tolerant" prove to only be tolerant of every other belief or idea except Christianity which I find hard to understand. They will defend other religions and lifestyles but then literally HATE me for no other reason other than because of my decision to trust in God. They are also quick to assume that because I am a Christian that I am also a many number of other things including narrow-minded, judgmental, and ignorant. I have friends and loved ones of every race, sexual orientation and religious background and their personal choices and beliefs do not define our friendship. Friendship is based on love and respect, not religion. If anything, my faith has taught me to be more loving and less judgmental. I don't see myself as any greater of a person than the next. I simply want to love all people and show them the love that God first showed me.

Having said that, I believe that on this day, God sacrificed so much for all of mankind. He gave his only son to die for us. Now THAT IS LOVE! He alone literally saved us from a life of Hell. Without this sacrifice we would be doomed to a life of eternal despair, but He made it possible for us to escape our fate. God doesn't send anyone to Hell...He created a bridge to Heaven, but He also gave us a choice of whether or not we want to choose to follow Him. He does not force His love on us, we have to seek Him out and choose whether or not to love and obey Him. Just like Christ, I cannot force people to love me, I can only offer love to everyone and then people can choose whether or not to reject me. But also, like Christ, I will love you no matter what. Not because I have to, but because I want to...because I want to be more like Christ. I'm still learning how to love and live more like Him. And if you're waiting for me to fail, I'm sure you won't have to wait long. Just because I serve a God who is perfect does not mean that I will ever be perfect. So you cannot expect me to always have it all together, perfection is not human nature, and I am human after all.

I hope this clarifies my position. My faith doesn't call me to judge anyone, but it calls me to love everyone. You don't have to agree with me when it comes to my beliefs but I ask that you show me the same love and respect I strive to show you.

I am not perfect and I don't expect others to be perfect either. All I can do, all any of us can do, is learn how to love one another. I simply choose God as my model for love. I have nothing to gain if you choose to follow Christ except the joy of sharing Heaven with you for eternity. That is my motivation for sharing God's love with people....I genuinely want to see you on the other side of Heaven's Gate and thinking of the alternative makes my heart hurt. I hope and pray that I will see all of you on the other side!

In remembrance of Christ's love and sacrifice on Good Friday...

By His wounds we are healed.

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