Monday, May 10, 2010

'Mental Vitamins Mondays' : That Sync-ing Feeling

"Love is at the center of the universe and I am out of sync when I am not loving." -Morton Kelsey

Last week I was apart from my husband for 5 days. Now, I realize that 5 days doesn't sound like a long time...but to those who are in love, you will understand that this is an eternity. I had various volunteer and work opportunities that required me to be in a different state than my husband for those 5 days and each day seemed longer and more difficult than the last. This above quote summarizes exactly how I felt during those few days. I just felt like I was out of sync...that life as I knew it was not as it should be, things felt off...and I just didn't feel right the entire time. I missed him an incredible amount. I talked to him every night but I still found myself unable to sleep well, I had a sincere lack of motivation to do things and my dad even pointed out that it was more difficult to get me to laugh -- I'm usually a VERY happy, easygoing person. But when you are in love and you are married, it truly is as if you have found your other half so when that part of me (my husband) is gone...naturally I don't feel all put together. 

When we were reunited, it was though everything was put back into alignment. I felt whole again, at peace, happy. I could enjoy the creases next to his eyes when he smiled, I inhaled his scent with each hug, I could appreciate the sweetness of his kisses. These are things I never want to be without and certainly don't take for granted! Being back in his arms I was again, in sync with the universe. I love that sync-ing feeling! :)

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