Thursday, June 17, 2010

'Things I Love Thursdays': Kitties

I can't remember a time where I have not had a cat in my life. I think I may have been a cat in my former would explain why I love them so much. :) Ever since I was a little girl I have had a deep love for animals but my love for cats surpasses all others. In fact, after looking through old photos with my husband he made the comment "Almost every picture is of you with a cat!" :)

I have had over 20 cats in my lifetime. The most cats I have had at one time was 12. I had 3 female cats give birth to kittens all at the same time. Yea, that was heaven for me as a young girl! :)

But when you love cats as much as I do, losing them is epic. The hardest loss for me was when my 5 year old male Persian cat, Mac passed away this year from polycystic kidney disease. If you had the opportunity to meet him you would understand. He was the coolest cat ever. Friends and family would always ask how Mac was doing and he really gained quite a fan club. It was touching and comforting to see how many people, besides myself, missed him when he passed. I still have days where I cry for him. But I am thankful that he no longer suffers and he gave me such happy memories while he was here. I love you Boo Bear!

Currently we have two babies, Marley aka Mi Reina and Monty aka Tater Tot. Marley is a 3-year-old female, blue lynx point Napoleon. She is a gorgeous girl and has everyone who meets her smitten! :) She has the attitude of a diva but can also be the sweetest little thing once she warms up to you.

 Monty is a 6-month-old male, cream Persian. He is such a loverboy and his face is to die for! It is so incredibly smooshed which causes him to make the silliest snorting sounds and he also snores when he sleeps. He is such a sweetheart!

 Many people have asked if we are taking our cats to Switzerland when me move and the answer is ABSOLUTELY! They are my babies, they are not just cats...I wouldn't dream of leaving them behind. In fact, that was the first thing that was established when the option to move to Switzerland came up. If they couldn't go...then Switzerland was out. They will both be flying in the cabin with us, right by our feet! :)

If you have any cat stories or care to share some of your fur-baby photos with me. I would love to hear and see them! I can never get enough of cats! :)

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