Friday, July 16, 2010

'Feature Friday': It's Official!

When Jared had his interview in Switzerland back in January, he was offered the post-doc position on the spot. But it has been quite a process in order to get his employment contract and work visa. This week Jared  finally got his contract which makes this whole thing all the more real. To see it in print was like "Wow! It's official! We're moving to Switzerland!" He will start work on October 1st but we will be living in Switzerland starting September 20th. We want some time to get settled in before his first day of work. So now that he has his work contract we can start actively looking for a place to live. Without it we weren't able to even inquire about places to live. I'm pretty excited about finding where we will call home for the next two years and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing views like this everyday! :)

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