Friday, July 23, 2010

Feature Friday: Loaded Week

This week was loaded with surprises and challenges! Both of my grandparents had big health issues and had to have brief hospital stays. Both are doing much better, but they definitely gave us quite a scare. Also this week, my Papa was diagnosed with early stage type II diabetes. Because he was diagnosed early, he will be able to manage it with diet and exercise but it definitely was not news that any of us were expecting to hear.

Because of the recent events I definitely have been reflecting on my own health and I am determined to start living a healthier life than I have been. Jared and I began running together and I have to say, I actually feel good doing it! It helps to have him there to do it with me. His support is so important because I tend to talk myself out of exercising but having him to exercise with me, makes it less painful! :) Running is not for everyone...but here are a few tips for becoming a better runner. I think these tips are helpful to keep your experience positive and also helps prevent injury and overexertion.

This week we also submitted our Swiss visa application. They required so much paperwork to make sure we are who we say we are and to make clear what we plan to do during our time there. We have been to every government building possible and filled out every form there is. I'm convinced of it. Acquiring a visa is a very thorough process that, for us, has been very time consuming and quite a learning experience. So now....we wait. Hoping to hear that our application was approved soon so we won't have to think about it anymore. I don't think I'll be able to really relax until our visas are in hand. So please pray that everything goes smoothly from here on out. Our departure date is quickly approaching!! 2 months exactly...that is if everything goes as planned. It's all in God's hands!

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