Friday, July 9, 2010

'Feature Friday': Our 2010 Cruise!

Our family cruise was wonderful!! It was so relaxing. All we really did was lay out, eat awesome food, read, shop and RELAX! Our ship was the Emerald Princess and was our first time on this cruise line. We stopped in the Bahamas, Mexico and Jamaica. Our favourite port was Cozumel, Mexico. We found a secluded beach where we just relaxed and enjoyed a few cold ones on the beach with our sister, Jamie and her hubby Eliud. The worst port by far was Jamaica. Jared had been there before and had actually gotten mugged so we were very cautious going there and all I can say is the place is a hot mess. Everywhere you turn people are shoving drugs in your face, they harrass you for blocks and the island itself (at least what we saw) was filthy - overrun by pollution and garbage! It was not a good experience. But I had to go. I wanted to visit the place where Bob Marley was from. I'm a big Bob Marley fan so I had to see his homeland before I died. Now that I've been there, I have no intention of ever going back.

Every night we had dinner together as a family and really enjoyed that time together. The food was AMAZING! Some other highlights from the cruise would definitely be the outdoor movie theater. Watching movies under the stars in the middle of the ocean is such a spectacular experience. We also enjoyed their night club. Jared and I love to dance and they played some great music even late into the evening. Ok, so there wasn't anything I didn't enjoy about the cruise. It was a great vacation all around.

Here are a few images from the cruise:

I'll post more photos on Facebook so be sure to check those out!

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