Wednesday, July 14, 2010

'Review Tuesday': Yearbook Committee

Due to my self-diagnosed ADD, I like to constantly change things up. I guess I'm one of those people who actually enjoys change. I love challenges and new experiences and those experiences shape who I am and influence my everyday life. As much as I have enjoyed the Q&A's Tuesdays I think I share enough about myself as it is throughout the week in my blog posts and want to focus more on other people's talents and share more about people and things that I admire and appreciate. So I want to dedicate this day as Review Tuesday. I will write about anything and everything that I feel deserves the spotlight. Whether it be music, fashion, food, or name it, I'll review it.

For my first review I want to talk about a band based out of Terre Haute, Indiana called Yearbook Committee. This group is unique in that there is No lead singer. No sole songwriter. YBC is simply a group of musicians with one common goal; to write and perform music. The number of musicians who perform changes with each show but there are 10 people who are active band of which is my big brother! :) I caught my first YBC show this past week and really enjoyed their set. They played several originals along with some wild card covers that brought a fresh sound to several well-known songs. It was an intimate outdoor setting which was perfect for their sound. So check out Yearbook Committe on myspace and/or facebook and if you're in Terre Haute this Saturday, be sure to catch their show at Coffee Grounds. Check their website for times and details.

all photos taken by Behind A Lens Photography

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