Friday, August 13, 2010

Feature Friday: Flying In Style

It hit me today just how little time we have left until we make our big move to Switzerland. We leave next month. In one month our lives completely change. I am excited and at the same time, I'm terrified. I know that God is going to take care of us every step of the way and knowing that is what helps me look at this with hopeful eyes.

Jared and I are trying to make the most of each and everyday while we are here. We are packing our days full of family and friends and trying to just relax and enjoy the rest of our summer. We have a few things left to do to prepare for the move and much of it we can't do yet because we are waiting for our visa paperwork to be approved. Once we get the approval we can check the last few things off the list then be all set and ready to go.

We ordered pet carriers for the cats today so that they're ready for the flight. I think this is what I am most anxious about. I hope they do well. This will be their first airplane experience. It's about an 8 hour flight and I just hope they tolerate being in a small space for that length of time. They will be in the cabin with us which puts my mind more at ease, but I'm still anxious about it. They'll be flying in style though....I found a Louis Vuitton look-a-like pet carrier for one of them to travel in! It's really cute! Jared said he refuses to carry it! :) He'll be carrying the other one which is very standard....non-girly. ;)
Here's a photo of the carrier. It looks like the real deal but as little as I paid for it, it can't be authentic. Pretty good knock-off though! I love it! Hoping my babies love it too! :)

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