Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tiny Trouble Maker

For those who may not know, we have two beautiful cats, Monty and Marley. Marley is a 3 year-old female and Monty(affectionately named Tater Tot) is a 10 month-old male. Marley is our angel. She is so smart, so sweet and very well-behaved. Tot is sweet and cute but we're not sure if he is slow or stubborn...or possibly both. He will urinate in the litter box but he does his other business right next to the box and refuses to go INSIDE the litter box. We have tried everything. We have used all types of different litters, put the litter boxes in different areas, used litter attractants, we praise him when he does use the litter name it, we've tried it. And because he will urinate in the box it's not a matter of him not knowing what to we're trying to figure out why he won't do all of his business in the litter box. In addition to our own two cats, my parents have a 1 year-old male cat(he and Monty LOVE each other by the way) and we were told to have a litter box for each cat plus one extra, so we currently have four litter boxes. FOUR and he refuses to use any of them. Like I said, he will urinate in them but that's it. He had a few accidents at our old place but he has been consistently bad since we came to my parents home. Hoping it's just a phase.

The positive side in this is that he only goes on flat surfaces. He won't go on the carpet. It's either the hard wood floor or tile floors. But I wish he would just go where he is supposed to. Does anyone have advice on how to stop this unwanted behavior? We're running out of ideas. Please leave a comment below!

Here is the little trouble-maker. It's hard to stay mad at a face like his! :)

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