Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day One In Switzerland

Thank you to everyone who were thinking about and praying for us in past 24 hours. We made it to Zurich, Switzerland safely. My wonderful Mom and Dad took us to the Chicago airport, we said our tearful goodbyes and boarded our plane around 7:30pm. It was an 8 hour flight from Chicago to Zurich. Our cats did AWESOME! We did not even have to sedate them and they didn't make a peep. They were so calm and well-behaved! We are so proud of our babies!

Neither Jared nor I slept on the plane so when we arrived we were exhausted since we had been up starting at 6:30am. We took a shuttle bus to our hotel where we had to wait for close to an hour for our room to become available. As soon as we got to our room we made sure the cats were settled in with food, water, litter etc. and then we all PASSED OUT! We took about a 2 hour rest then went to an Italian restaurant within walking distance from our hotel and had our first challenge with communicating. Thankfully Jared speaks German and in Zurich they primarily speak German so he was able to talk to our waitress with no problem.

Day one of our new life here in Switzerland was a success. Tomorrow we take the two hour train ride to Lausanne where we will attempt to iron out the final details about our apartment and get settled in where we will be calling home for the next two years. All of your prayers have been such a blessing to us so please keep them coming! I'll update you more along the way in our journey!

Love you all!

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