Friday, September 3, 2010

Feature: Sketches Of Heaven

When I learned that Jared and I would be moving to Switzerland I had several family members and friends who said "You need to journal your experiences!" So with that, I started writing down my thoughts and experiences here. I don't blog simply to hear myself talk. When I first started blogging I never expected anyone other than my family and a few friends to actually read my blog but over the past months I have been overwhelmed with the response of people who have left me comments and emails with such encouragement about my writings. I have had people share that my blogs "can brighten someone's day" or "turn someone's day around"! And hearing this instantly brightens MY day and can turn MY day around. So thank you, to my readers! I appreciate your wonderful support! But you must know that any little bit of success I may find in life is not my own and all the glory belongs to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my inspiration, my compass and the One I strive to be more like. My life is simply a reflection of God's grace.

For those who are not familiar with blogging you may not know that you can follow my blog in several ways. One way is to subscribe via email and have updates sent to your email whenever I write a new post. The subscribe button is located in the right hand column of my blog. Another way is to click on the follow button which can also be found in the right hand column. And I've recently discovered that you can follow my blog through facebook. Simply go to my facebook profile, click the blog tab, then click follow using the networked blogs app. Or if you have a good memory you can just type in my blog address each time which is:

Again, I don't expect followers, but for those who do enjoy reading my posts I wanted to try and make it easier for you to stay updated. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kind responses and loving support of my often spontaneous ramblings.

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