Thursday, October 7, 2010

Feature: Goodbye Hotel Living, Hello Mountain Views!

Today we move into our new apartment and because we don't have internet set up there yet I'm doing one last blog from our hotel room. I'm excited to get settled in and really start our lives here in Switzerland! Hotel living is great...but only for so long. I want to unpack, do some laundry(never thought I'd say that (it only took having one pair of wearable underwear left I suppose), do some cooking(dining out is EXPENSIVE here!), and just have a sense of home, ya know! Ok, and I'm dying to enjoy that view from our balcony!! :)

It's a bummer that we don't know how long we will be without internet though (it's like my lifeline, especially at this distance). The Swiss have not embraced the whole Free WiFi concept yet (not everywhere like in the States anyway) so we could be disconnected from the internet realm for up to a month depending on how long it takes them to come out and install it. :( Just letting everyone know so there wasn't any concern or confusion if days or weeks go by without an update.

 It will probably be good to have a little internet detox for awhile and enjoy more of the beauty that is around me without feeling the need to log on every hour! Jared is at work all day during the week so I will have to find creative ways to keep myself busy without him OR the internet. I'm sure I'll find plenty! I have my cats, my camera and lots of good reading! That should hold me over! :)

So until next time...whenever next time is...

Au Revoir! :)

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