Thursday, October 7, 2010

Things I Love: Campfires

At the first signs of Autumn - when the air is cooler and the leaves are changing, I like to cozy up next to a crackling campfire wrapped in a warm blanket or comfy hoodie while sipping hot chocolate or roasting marshmallows and creating s'mores. Rustic, but not necessarily 'roughing it', it's the great outdoors with the everyday indulgences. I love the smells, the campfire conversations, the glow of rising embers and being cuddled up closely to my sweetheart, or being surrounded by family and friends in a warm circle. Taking a moment apart from modern luxuries and just enjoying the simplicities of life around a steady fire is what I enjoy most about campfires.

Here are a few others who enjoy the warmth, sights and smells of campfires.

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