Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Swiss Living

Well it's been a week since we made the journey from America to Switzerland and in that week we have accomplished a lot! We survived the Swiss railway carrying more luggage than any two people should ever carry if they intend on traveling by train, we have found a few people in Switzerland who speak English and for those who don't we use a combination of broken French and hand gestures, Jared started his first week of work and we received the keys to our new apartment! Not bad for our first time moving overseas together!

Jared is my hero. With the help of God, he has made our transition go so smooth! There has been a lot to think about, a lot of adjustments, a lot of trials and tasks in order to pick up our life and move it overseas. He's tackled everything like a pro and I am so so SO thankful for everything he's done for us! I'm extremely proud of my husband...I was before this experience but now it's like off the charts how proud I am of him. Of us. We broke out of our comfort zone and surrendered to faith in order to expand our horizons and better our future. There have been many moments where we thought to ourselves "What are we doing?!? What's the next step?" But time after time, God has faithfully directed our steps and I can look back and see His footprints on the path right beside ours the whole way.

This certainly was no easy move. We had to say goodbye to so many people we love not knowing when we will see them again, we transported two cats by plane, train and taxi, we moved hotels three times, we've had struggles with the language barrier, had to get acquainted with a whole new area (find the grocery store, apartment and other necessities, consider transportation, adjust to a new work environment etc.) all these things then add a 6 hour time difference mixed with exhaustion, frustration, anxiety and at times - confusion. It's been a lot to handle and I'll admit that I broke down in tears a few times, but in just a week's time we are starting to see God's blessings and how He has orchestrated it all. He gave us the strength, courage and resources to be successful so far in our new adventure! GOD IS SO GOOD!!

We were able to meet the tenant who lived in the apartment before us and he shared with us his trial and errors of moving here - things to know and things to do to ensure things continue to go smoothly. He and others we have interacted with here have all made the comment that finding housing in Switzerland is nearly impossible so for us coming from overseas and securing an apartment so quickly is nothing short of a miracle. Not only did we find an apartment but it is an AMAZING apartment. It's perfect for us. It's nestled among the vineyards of beautiful and very safe. It's modern, cat-friendly, completely furnished close to the train station and grocery store and has an incredible view! Oh and we're on the top floor so NO MORE TERRIBLE UPSTAIRS NEIGHBORS! :) I promised a few people I would post a video tour of our apartment and the area where we will be living and plan to do that soon but for now here are a few photos....

Now that we have a place to call our own I am looking forward to making new memories here together. We have a guest room that needs some guests. If you're interested in visiting let us know! We'd love to have you! :)


  1. Your apartment is AWESOME. Your view is AWESOME. Your life is AWESOME! :) Enjoy this time. Take lots of pictures and share with us!

  2. You're AWESOME! :) And no worries about the know me...I'm all about that! :)