Friday, October 22, 2010

Staying Connected Via Skype

Staying connected is hard. With busy and conflicting schedules, it can be a challenge to stay in touch. Especially if you are like us and everyone you know and love is thousands of miles away....

Our favourite form of connecting with loved ones from a distance is a type of free video calling, called SKYPE that makes it easy to be together, even when we're not.

With Skype, you can talk face to face with live video! We have been able to see and talk to my parents, my nephews and other family members and friends and it helps to make me feel less far away and a little less homesick. It's wonderful to be able to not only hear their voices but actually SEE their faces too! If only Skype could offer a way to be able to give and receive real hugs then I would be set! :) But it really is the next best thing when you can't be with the ones you love. So if you have Skype....add Jared and I as a contact! We'd love to connect! But please keep in mind that we are six hours ahead so no 3AM phone calls please! :)

Hope to hear from all of you soon!

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