Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Anniversary, My Darling!

Tomorrow is our 3 year wedding anniversary. For those who may not know our story....

Jared and I met in the middle of the ocean...on a cruise ship in July of 2003. You can read our detailed love story HERE. We were married on 11/11/07....a year exactly from the moment I realized he was the one. And here were are...three years later and even more in love than ever! I feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy life with such an amazing man who I can call my husband, my lover and my best friend. I never could have imagined that the summer of '03 would be the beginning of so much happiness and that we would now be happily married living here in Switzerland! It's amazing where love can lead you.

So to celebrate our love I put together a collection of photos and set them to music and surprised Jared with this video slideshow. I was in tears when I watched it. Tears of absolute happiness and thankfulness.
I am completely, perfectly and incandescently happy!

I am the luckiest.

Happy Anniversary, My Darling. I love you to the moon and back!

Music by Ron Pope, Drop In The Ocean


  1. What a nice video!!. I loved to see you and Jared, smiling, happy and full of love. As I watched it i could imagine pictures of your children as babies, as toddlers, with your eyes, with Jared smile, surrounded by love ....and I felt sooo happy for know that you have and you WILL have a happy family. Happy Anniversary...I can only wish you all the love and blessing from this word.

  2. Thank you Evelin! I hope our future children are half as cute and sweet as yours! I'm crossing my fingers for your luck in having twins too! :) I love and miss you and the whole family! Lots of hugs and kisses!!