Friday, December 17, 2010

Feature: Montreux Noël

Last night we went to the Montreux Noël Christmas Market. It's an annual Christmas festival that has hundreds of little booths that are built to look like little chalets and sell anything from food to crafts to clothing. Some of the treats we enjoyed were fresh crepes, roasted chestnuts (a first for me!) and chocolate-coated marshmallows!

The chocolate-coated marshmallows, or Têtes Choco were out of this world! I'm certain that the Swiss chocolate was the key ingredient for this national confection. My favourite was the white chocolate with drizzles of milk chocolate. A must try if you ever get the chance!

There was lots to do and see there. It was nice just to walk around drinking hot mulled wine, eat some traditional Swiss goodies and enjoy the company of my husband and my parents while Christmas music played and winter scenes surrounded us. We even got a dust of snow while we were there. It was a fun and memorable experience.

Here are just  a few photos I took with my camera phone....

Some of the booths at the center of the Montreux Noël Christmas Market
Booth with the chocolate-coated marshmallows

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire :)

Ferris Wheel at the center of the Christmas Market

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  1. Nana and I are sitting at the kitchen table enjoying your blog - beautiful! Eat a chocolate marshmallow for each of us!! Angie, Nana