Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our First Snowfall in Switzerland & Warm Neighbors

We had our first snow a few days ago and I felt like a little kid watching the snow fall from our window. It was mesmerizing. No, was MAGICAL! I saw the scenery before me turn into my own personal winter wonderland! Switzerland....snow looks good on you!

I did my best to capture it with my camera so that I could share it with you. Here is the photo I took from our living room window. It will be an image that I will treasure forever. I love making memories and capturing them with a camera. I take after my Nana. :)

I am completely in the Christmas spirit now! We went searching for a tiny Christmas tree and to do some Christmas shopping on Monday after Jared got off work, but all the shops here close at 7:00 and some even earlier so we didn't get much time to look and went home virtually empty handed. We plan to do round two of Christmas shopping on Saturday since he will be off work and we will have the whole day to do it. I don't need anything fancy, but we simply have to have a Christmas tree...even if it is Charlie Brown style. I'll be sure to share photos once we find a tree to adopt! :)

We met one of our neighbors yesterday. She had placed a letter in our mailbox and when we translated it, the letter was in response to a complaint that another neighbor must have made about her dogs barking and so she sent letters to all the neighbors saying that we could come to her for any future complaints. Jared and I didn't want to start off on a bad foot with our neighbors and have her assume that the "complainer" was us. So we knocked on her door to introduce ourselves in hopes she could speak English and that we could explain that we were not the ones who complained and that we actually have zero complaints about living here.

She was so friendly and spoke very good English and the misunderstanding was quickly cleared up. She knew it wasn't us who complained...she just wanted to let everyone in the building know that she would prefer we speak to her first before filing any complaints to the landlord. Which is reasonable. We got to meet the dog that apparently was causing so much "trouble". It was a great dane named Shannon. Such a beautiful and SWEET dog!

I was thankful for the initial misunderstanding because it forced us to make a connection that we might not have otherwise. It is comforting to know that she speaks English. In a country where you don't speak the's nice to have a neighbor you can communicate with in case you need to. God forbid something were to happen when Jared was away...I feel like I could call on her for help. I consider her a blessing.

That's all the "news" for now. I hope everyone is staying warm, happy and healthy! Cheers!

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