Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo Adventure with Julia

Julia and I got together and went on a photo adventure! :) Our first stop was a photography museum that is within walking distance from her apartment. For the life of me I cannot remember the photographer's name but the images were portraits of various individuals from around the 1930's portraying their specific occupation by wearing their uniforms and/or carrying their specific work tools. All of the photos were in black and white. It was fun to see each picture and try to guess what their occupation was. The occupation and other details were labeled next to each photo so you could see if your guess was correct. The museum also had a small shop full of photo books and postcards that were also fun to look through. Julia found a book called "Switzerland vs. the World" that showed a picture of an object or thing from another country and then a picture of Switzerland's version of that same object or thing. It was fun to see the comparisons!

After the museum we decided to just walk around and explore our surroundings. Along the way we saw an outdoor ice skating rink, the beautiful grounds of the Olympic Museum, a Thai Temple that apparently was a gift to Switzerland from the Thai Government some years ago and then we just enjoyed the view of Lake Geneva and the mountains.

It was fun to get out and about and to have the company of a sweet friend! I'm sure we'll have more adventures to share in the near future! :) Here are just a few of the photos from today.....

Julia and I in front of Lake Geneva

A few of the photos from the photography museum

The "Butt Bush" HAHA! - I know, I'm mature...

fountain in front of the Olympic Museum

Thai Temple

Swiss children feeding the birds off of Lake Geneva

standing in front of Lutry (the town I live in)

These photos were taken with my iPhone...hope you enjoyed traveling around in my pocket! :)

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