Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things I Love: Handbags

I grew up as a "dainty tomboy". I loved ninja turtles, building outdoor forts, sci-fi and action movies and most of my friends were (and still are) primarily boys but I also love(d) getting dressed up for special occasions, Disney princesses and shopping. There is definitely a girly side to me. The older I get the more I embrace this girly side. :)

One thing I have always loved is purses and handbags! I remember for my 20th birthday my parents bought me my first designer handbag - light blue signature Coach purse with white leather trim. I was SO excited! The first designer bag I bought for myself was for my 21st birthday it was a small purple signature Coach purse with suede trim. I still have both of these purses and have since added quite a few new ones to my collection. I am not a purse snob though. While I LOVE designer handbags, I love purses in general and I don't care what the brand is, as long as it is cute! :)

I think my love for purses came about because it is the one fashion item that you don't have to worry about trying on and it not fitting. Jeans, shoes, swim suits...everything else has to fit just right and when clothing doesn't fit, it can be somewhat depressing (I know you ladies understand!). With purses, it doesn't have to fit your body shape, it just has to look cute with your outfit and a great purse can really make a statement. Not to mention purses are useful! I don't know how guys get by with just a wallet! ;)

Here are a few of the designer handbags I have my eye on and some I currently have in my collection. If you notice I love bows, ruffles and feminine details on purses. I also tend to gravitate towards classic styles that won't fade out with trends. The classier the better! :)

click image for larger view

I've listed below the designer and the style of each handbag for easier searching.

1. VALENTINO side bow zip top satchel in brown leather
2. PRADA with white bow detail
3. MICHAEL KORS lattington medium satchel in purple
4. EIGHT SEASONS cream handbag with flower detail (talented etsy seller)
5. ELITE berynice crossbody in taupe with zipper detail
6. KORET third avenue medium tote in black
7. MELIE BIANCO ruffled bow satchel in taupe (can now be found at
8. CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER zee zee top satchel in gunmetal
9. NZLBAGS green knit shoulder bag with brown silk bow (another talented etsy seller)
10. COACH colette leather perforated OP art tote in gold/bronze
11. TORY BURCH black patent leather satchel
12. MIU MIU side bow in taupe
13. CHANEL signature quilted white on black (currently in my collection)
14. LOUIS VUITTON white multicolor with bow (currently in my collection)
15. COACH sutton signature in purple (first handbag I ever purchased, currently in my collection)
16. DOLCE & GABBANA bronze and brown stripe bucket bag (currently in my collection)

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