Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We Aren't The Only Americans In Switzerland :)

Quick post today because I've been cleaning all morning and afternoon getting ready for some house guests. An American couple just moved here and the husband is going to be working with Jared. They haven't been able to secure an apartment yet because, as many of you know from our personal experience, it is an extremely difficult process. Because we sympathize with them in being far from home, with no where to stay and all of the stress and emotions that come along with that we have invited them to stay with us until they can get their living arrangements sorted out. I haven't met them yet but they are on their way over here and I'm excited about meeting new friends who speak English that will actually be living here in Switzerland!! :)

Sorry this was so short but I wanted to make sure they feel welcomed and at home here with us which meant I had to tidy up the place and when I say tidy I mean I spent the WHOLE day cleaning!

Hope all of you are enjoying the New Year so far! 


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