Friday, February 11, 2011

Castle Dinner

It's extremely late here and I'm worn out from the evening but I wanted to share our night with you really quickly.

 Jared's boss won the Millenium award in Chemistry so he put together a celebration dinner for all of his employees. He is a very brilliant and yet humble man who gives so much credit back to his co-workers so this dinner was in honour of all they had accomplished together as a team.

We had a wonderful time. We had a tour of Château de la Sarraz which was very informative but FREEZING! I would have hated living in a castle when it was cold back in the days without heating. BRRR!!! The tour guide did an excellent job and shared some interesting details about the castle's history that we wouldn't have otherwise known without her expertise. After the tour we ate in the banquet room that was right across the road. So we didn't actually eat in a castle I suppose...but I have had the opportunity to do that before so I wasn't too disappointed.

The food was AWESOME! Everything from the Hors d'œuvres, to the fillet mignon dinner, to the swiss chocolate mousse dessert. Oh and the wine! The wine was fantastic.

There was also lots of singing from fellow co-workers. Beatles covers that replaced the actual lyrics with those that included Jared's boss. It was quite funny. They also did a sort of "talent segment" where various people got up and sang if they wanted to. We sat with a fun group of people and enjoyed lots of laughs throughout the night. After tonight it was evident that I was surrounded by brilliant yet down-to-earth people who truly enjoyed their jobs and their lives. I was glad I got to be a part of it.

As I said, it is late and I'm wiped from all the excitement but I wanted to share a brief summary for those who were interested and here are just a few photos from the evening.

The  hors d'œuvres were served in these spoons. Creative and yummy!

yummy dessert


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