Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good News For People Who Like Bad News

Monday was Valentine's Day and although I believe you don't need a holiday to show the person you love that you care about them and appreciate them I am also an encourager of love. Stuffed pink bears or chalk-flavored hearts are not my idea of celebrating love, but I don't believe that was the original intention of the holiday anyway. It's intent was and is to celebrate love. How we choose to celebrate is left up to our own personal interpretation. The Swiss definitely embrace the holiday. Here are a few Valentine's Day sweets we found at a local chocolate shop.

Swiss chocolate hearts and a chocolate swan

Despite all the efforts of promoting love and happiness on Valentines Day, I couldn't believe the number of people who declared their hatred and disgust of the holiday. I understand their perspective to an extent but is a holiday that encourages us to love really so bad? I agree the affection and emotion showed on Valentine's Day should be shared more year round and not simply on one designated day, but if someone showed they loved their husband or wife or significant other publicly or shared photos of their happiness from the day, we shouldn't despise and chastise them - what good is that kind of negativity anyway? There are other serious atrocities in the world that warrant such animosity - I don't think Valentine's Day should be one of them. I'm speaking directly to every Valentine's Day Scrooge out there! Seriously, lighten up!

Having said that, Jared and I did celebrate our love on Valentine's Day. I met him for lunch at McDonald's - which to many of you may sound like no big deal, but here, McDonald's is a treat. It is more expensive than in the states and we don't eat out - at all - so it was nice to break up our routine and enjoy some extra time together. We actually met for lunch so that we could take care of our health care afterward - which is mandatory here in Switzerland. We finally found affordable coverage so the stress of that is off our shoulders - something else to celebrate! :)

After Jared got off work, I cooked dinner and we had come celebratory wine to go with it. Jared baked some yummy confetti cupcakes with buttercream icing for dessert. We watched a movie on the couch together and then gave each other our Valentine's Day gift which was pre-ordering the new Radiohead album that will be released this Saturday! Radiohead is our favourite band so we were both super excited!!

I was equally happy to receive a hand-picked valentine from my 5-year-old nephew, Isaac. The animated e-card was a pug barking at a fish bowl and then said "Pugs and fishes to you on Valentines Day - Love, Isaac" :) I'm still smiling from that! I had sent him an e-card Valentine earlier in the day but must admit that his Valentine in return was way cuter and cooler than the one I sent him! My Mom told me he had said to her "I wonder if Aunt Leah will send me a Valentine?" This was before he knew I had sent him one. It makes my heart smile that he was thinking of me and wanted to be my Valentine this year! :) I love that boy so much!

Here are a few photos from our Valentine's Day.....

 pork chops, sautéed mushrooms and sautéed zucchini and wine
Jared making cupcakes! :)

The very next day Jared came home with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. I looked at him confused since Valentine's Day was the day before. Apparently he got questioned by the florist as well - she asked him "Did you forget yesterday or something?" his reply was "No, I just know how much my wife will love these." When he unwrapped the protective paper around the bouquet it revealed, to my surprise, the most beautiful bouquet I had ever seen! POPPIES! Poppies are my absolute favourite flower but I have only seen them in person once many years ago growing wild in a field in Portugal - it was then that I instantly fell in love with the flower. I had seen pictures and paintings since that time but never the live flower after all those years until now. I squeeled and kept saying over and over again: "I can't believe you found poppies!" I have never been this excited about flowers before. I am so thankful for my sweet and thoughtful husband. He not only recognized these somewhat rare flowers as my favourite in passing, but took the time to bring them home to me so that I could enjoy them! So you doesn't take a holiday to show someone you care. It just takes love.

Here are a few photos I took of my beautiful bouquet! :)

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day with those who are special in your life!  Cheers!

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