Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things I Love: Cooking

I love to cook and try new recipes. Cooking, for me, is somewhat relaxing because while I'm cooking, I have to focus all of my attention on what I'm doing so it gives my mind a brief break from anything else going on in my life. The only part about cooking I don't like is cleaning up afterward.

I have quite a collection of recipe books back home, I brought a few with me when we moved but not many. I rely a lot on the internet for new recipe ideas. If you have a favourite dish would you please leave the recipe below or email it to me I would LOVE to try it out - and maybe I'll even blog a review about it later! :)

Here are a few easy and delicious dishes I never get tired of.....

I love Latin food and I make veggie fajitas almost once a week! I like to make white rice and black beans to go with it. Sautée your favourite veggies using a little EVOO, add your favourite seasoning (I like Cholula seasoning) wrap the cooked veggies in a flour or corn tortilla (I prefer flour) and top with cheese or any other toppings you prefer like guacamole, salsa, etc. I like to keep mine simple and just add cheese.

Another simple and healthy dish I love is sautéed fresh asparagus. Add a little EVOO and your favourite all purpose seasoning with a bit of salt and you have a yummy healthy dish that is so easy!

 I love homemade soups. One of my recent favourites is Vegetable Tortellini. It's SO easy. Just add veggies (like zucchini, carrots, celery, tomatoes etc.) and a little EVOO in a pot and cook on medium heat until veggies become crisp tender then add chicken broth or bouillion cubes with equal water. Add the tortellini and some salt and pepper for flavor and you have a great recipe for homemade hearty soup.

A tasty and easy dessert/snack I enjoy making (and eating) are Rice Krispies Treats. They are super easy to make, they are one of the healthier dessert options, and the recipe makes plenty for sharing! :)

As you can probably gather I like quick and healthy meals. If you have any recipe suggestions please share them with me! They don't necessarily have to be quick and healthy but it would be a bonus if they are! :)

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