Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I Love: Cupcakes

Aside from the fact that cupcakes are sweet and yummy I think the reason I love cupcakes is because they are reserved for special occasions like birthdays, holidays or other special events which makes them...well...special! :) I'm not the only one who loves these little mini cakes though. They are very popular right now. You can get so creative with designing them and people are more and more having cupcakes instead of cakes for weddings and birthdays, etc.

I made these panda cupcakes for Jared's birthday a few years ago. I thought they were adorable! :)

Here are a few cute and creative cupcakes and cupcake inspired items.

1. Martha Stewart tiffany blue wedding tier cupcakes
2. Smiley's Sweets cheeseburger look-alike cupcakes
3. hello naomi ice cream sundae look-alike cupcakes
4. Jessie Steele cupcake apron
5. Judith Leiber rhinestone purse
7. Bakerella rose bouquet cupcakes
8. Sweet&Co cupcake charm bracelet
9. Baker's Club Hello Kitty cupcakes

Hope this sweetened your day! :)

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