Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hopes And Plans

We have had beautiful weather this week and have been enjoying some wonderful quality time together. We have been lounging around, enjoying the spring weather from our balcony and talking for hours about life, about the future and about nothing at all. There is something so romantic and intimate about simply sharing in words your hopes and plans for the future together. It's amazing how words can make me feel even closer to my husband. Definitely excited about our future together.

Aside from just enjoying each other, I have been keeping busy with volunteer work. Lots of planning and preparing for some exciting things to come for Epic Alliance.  Currently we have a contest going on where young people can win a free t-shirt by "liking" our facebook page and leaving a comment of a fun or creative date idea. The goal is to encourage ways to enjoy their significant other without the need to be physically intimate as well as help ensure they receive future updates and useful information about relationships and other important life decisions through our online resources. Plus the t-shirt designs are pretty EPIC if you ask me! :) We've had a great response so far! The contest ends tomorrow and I'm excited for whoever the winners will be! If you are interested in purchasing one of these t-shirts they are also available from our online store for only $10 each so definitely check them out!

Jared has begun writing his first post-doc paper. Pretty exciting! He's also started on another new project and has definitely won the appreciation of his boss. He has extended huge compliments to Jared over the last few weeks. Jared has equally wonderful things to say about his boss too. Brilliant and inspiring are words they have used to describe each other. And from what I know about both of them, I wholeheartedly agree! I'm so thankful that Jared is having such a great experience so far. It is an excellent confirmation that we made the right decision in coming here and that his future as a chemist is bright. Which in turn means that our future is bright. God is good!

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