Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rich In Heart

Just when I thought Switzerland couldn't get any more beautiful....springtime arrives and proves otherwise. Buds are blossoming, flowers are blooming and homeowners have begun landscaping and putting out potted plants and flowers. The weather has been mostly sunny and warm all week and the feeling of spring is definitely in the air. Hoping for good weather this weekend so that Jared and I can go walk around with my camera and share this country's beauty with everyone.

Other good parents just confirmed yesterday that they will definitely be making another visit here for the spring in May. Papa Bear has clients in Zurich who have asked him to come for business - so they have a good excuse to make another trip out here. :) We're also excited about my brother and sister-in-law coming in June! I have been feeling homesick lately and missing my family a lot in the last few weeks so this news made my heart smile! Definitely counting down the days until they arrive! We have a few other friends and family making plans to visit later in the year so 2011 should be full and fun!

In unrelated news we finished our taxes last night. According to the government we are considered to be "in poverty". Which on paper...sure...we may be poor but in our hearts we are rich. Rich in happiness and love. We may not have a lot of money but we have a lot to be thankful for that is for sure! God has definitely taken care of us and continues to.

Mama Bear often refers to the first few years of marriage as "the hunger years" - a time in most every newlyweds life where money is short but faith, hope love and humility should be abundant. It's those years meant to prepare us for if or when the time comes that we are more financially blessed so we can maintain the same humbleness towards life. I believe that if we can love and appreciate what we have now we are more likely to truly appreciate any success that may come our way in the future. Disappointment and despair comes when we base our happiness on wealth and status. My most prized possessions are my relationships - the people in my life. They are what make me happiest. That's right YOU make me happy!

Take it from us....being wealthy on paper is overrated. Being rich in heart is where it's at! :)

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